Sunday Morning
Bible Study: 9:45 AM
Worship: 10:45 AM

Bible Study: 6:00 PM

Would I Be Welcomed At Cedar Grove Church?

Welcome to Cedar Grove Baptist Church

We extend a special welcome to those who are single, married, divorced, rich, poor, white, black, brown, yellow or combination of these. We extend the same welcome to you if you are short, tall, skinny or chubby. You are welcome if you can sing like Sinatra or barely able to carry a tune. You are welcome if you are 'just browsing', just woke up, or are drug here by a well-meaning person. We gladly welcome 'Seasoned Citizens', middle-agers who still act like teenagers as well as teenagers who are growing up too fast.

You can feel at home here if you are a soccer mom, Nascar fan, football, baseball, basketball or even hockey fans. We have open doors for those who prefer lattes over regular coffee or designer water over sweet tea.

Are you in recovery or still fighting addictions? Well, we have room for you as well as those who are facing problems, dealing with tragedies, feeling depressed or just need a firm handshake. All our hugs and prayers are free! If you can use a special prayer right now this is the end of your search for a loving, caring, friendly church.

Some folks show up here after having had religion forced down their throat as a kid and have decided to stop running from church attendance. You might not be a fan of 'organized religion', well, we aren't either. We try to be a little disorganized just to make folks feel more comfortable. After all, we are just humans...really we are!

We extend a warm welcome to those who work too hard, don't work, enjoying retirement or looking for work. We don't discriminate. We celebrate you as a unique individual, created by God. Perfect people do not attend our church.

In conclusion, we welcome you even if you got lost and found us by mistake. We welcome tourists, locals and anyone seeking God's guidance for their life. Our Cedar Grove family is just a bunch of good old county folks who love unconditionally and enjoy our salvation every day. Yeah, you will fit in here.